Support trade promotion activities abroad
Support trade promotion activities abroad (18/08/2019)
The Ministry of Industry and Trade recently issued Circular No. 11/2019/TT-BCT guiding the implementation of trade promotion activities for foreign trade development under the National Trade Promotion Program. The Circular takes place from September 16, 2019.
Accordingly, the Goverment will support up to 100% of funding for organizing and participating in international fairs and exhibitions concerning the following contents: a) Propagation and advertising (informing about fairs, exhibitions and participating business delegations); b) Organizing and staging the national exhibition section (if any); c) Organizing and staging booths including overall and detailed designs, ground and electricity, water, security, guard, sanitation and environmental services; d) Opening ceremony (for fairs and exhibitions organized or co-organized by Viet Nam with a scale of 100 pavilions of Vietnamese businesses or more, or participating in overseas fairs and exhibitions with a scale) of 30 booths or more); e) Work-trip allowances for representatives of the hosting unit involved in the organization work.  
In case of organizing international fairs and exhibitions in Viet Nam for export products, the State will support the total funding for the implementation of the following contents: propagating and advertising the events on means of media, organizing the introduction of fairs and exhibitions, and organizing and staging booths.
The required scale for a multi-industry fair or exhibition is a minimum of 300 booths (3m x 3m) and 150 participating Vietnamese units when organizing the event in centrally run cities, and 200 standard pavilions (3m x 3m) and 100 participating Vietnamese units when organizing the event in other localities.
Regarding the organization of trade transaction delegations in foreign countries, the implementation contents include propagating and advertising the event and inviting foreign firms to carry out trade transactions; organizing seminars and trade exchanges: hall, equipment, decorations, model product display area, interpreter, reception, refreshment, documents, name cards and stationery; and work-trip allowances for representative of the hosting unit involved in the organization work.
Accordingly, the State will cover 100% of costs for the implementation of the aforementioned contents, as well as the travel expenses, including airfare, train fare, car fare from Viet Nam to the destination countries and vice versa ( including airfare, train fare and car fare inside the destination countries) for one participant per unit.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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