The industrial production index increased by 2%
The industrial production index increased by 2% (25/09/2019)
For the first 8 months, the industrial production index increased by more than 2% over the same period. In particular, the 02 areas of mining and water supply and waste treatment have high growth rates. Manufacturing and processing industry increased by 2.7%.

Although the industrial production index increased not as high as the same period, but increased in most of the main products of the province such as: Textile increased 27%; chemical production increased by nearly 20%; coal exploitation increased by 18.8%; beverage production increased by 18.6%; costume production increased by 16%; wood and bamboo products increased by 13.4%.

The number of employed employees working in industrial enterprises by the end of August 2019 increased by 3.4% over the same period last year. The number in the state-owned enterprises sector, increased by 2.6%; non-state businesses increased by 8.5%. Some production and business sectors had a good increase in the labor use index, such as textile industry, up 14.5%; costume production increased by 12%; wood processing increased by 10.5%; Car production increased by 16.4%.

The total number of tourists staying in the province was more than 2,521 thousand, increasing by 5.6% over the same period, of which international visitors reached nearly 1,152 thousand, increasing by 12.3%. The total number of visitors served by travel agencies reached nearly 2,247 thousand, up 13.5%, of which international visitors reached 1,320 thousand, up 3.5%; domestic tourists nearly 927 thousand, up 31.6%.

Service revenue in August was more than 267 billion VND up 4.4% from the previous month; in which, increasing mainly in some services such as art service, entertainment, entertainment, up 16.3%; administrative and support services increased by 6.7%; school supplies and other personal family tools increased by 18%. For 8 months, service revenue is over 2,168 billion dong, up by 6%.




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