The friendship and cooperation between Sekong and Quang Nam
The friendship and cooperation between Sekong and Quang Nam (30/09/2019)
On the occasion of working in Quang Nam province on September 20, Deputy Secretary of Sekong provincial Party Committee Phonphet Khiulavong offered Quang Nam province a book of History of Sekong provincial Party Committee.
On behalf of Sekong’s leaders and people, Deputy Secretary Khiulavong thanked for Vietnamese localities’ support, especially Quang Nam province for Sekong to complete the book of History of Provincial Party Committee. He also thanked the leaders, people of Quang Nam province for helping Sekong people overcome the damage after the natural disaster at the end of last August.
At the reception, Chairman of the Quang Nam People’s Committee Dinh Van Thu said the book is a very meaningful gift, a valuable source of information of the revolutionary history of the two provinces.
The leaders of the two provinces affirmed their determination to effectively implement the contents signed at the annual high-level meeting in Sekong in June 2019 including upgrading Nam Giang - Dac Ta Ooc border gate into an international border gate, free migration along the border. 

Source: Baoquangnam

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