Quang Nam renovates and upgrades rural electricity networks
Quang Nam renovates and upgrades rural electricity networks (08/12/2019)
For the past time, Quang Nam strongly invested in upgrading the rural power grids to meet people's needs.
Reportedly, since 2016, Quang Nam has invested more than 713 billion VND, built more than 528 km medium-low voltage lines, 500 transformer stations and installed more than 56,200 meters. 
Currently, out of 204 communes participating in implementing the new rural model across the province, there are 183 communes meeting the criteria for electricity. Through continuous improvement, upgrading and new construction of rural power grids, it has contributed to meeting the needs of economic development and grid safety.
Thereby, Quang Nam Electricity Industry has also focused on the implementation of the plan to renovate the electricity grid after the reception to ensure the quality of electricity and rural electricity criteria in the area in the near future.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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