The socio-economic situation in 2019
The socio-economic situation in 2019 (16/12/2019)
In 2019, PPC irected the Departments, boards, units and localities to to synchronously deploy solutions to reach the target plans.
Quang Nam has partnered with enterprises to remove difficulties, to reduce time and costs for businesses, to improve the investment environment. The Economic growth in some sectors and fields continued to develop. The process of restructuring the economy was in a positive direction, shifting to the service sector. Highly-qualified agricultural & forestry production has initially achieved positive results. The investment in infrastructure construction was focused. The social security continued to be concerned. The peple's lives was improved. 
In 2019, Quang Nam met 13/14 targets which was set out in the provincial Resolution. The target which has not reached isss the GDP growthn. It's partly due to the forecasting capacity was not close to reality, and the management responsibilities of all levels and branches were still limited; the direction and administration in a number of stages and fields, some of which have not yet been timely, strong and drastic. 
Compared to 2018, the total product in the province in 2019 increased by about 3.81%. Industry growth was slow (up 3.01%); Trade and services continued to grow (up about 5.09%), total retail sales of consumer goods and services were more than 55,600 billion VND, reaching 101.35% of the plan and up 12.5% ​​over last year. The total import-export turnover reached US $ 3,160 million (up 20.24%); The total number of visitors, staying over 7.6 million, up 17.33%; Revenue from sightseeing and accommodation was estimated at 5,877 billion dong, up 25.04%; Total mobilized capital is estimated at VND 56,702 billion, up 15.11% compared to the beginning of the year. By December 31, 2019, total outstanding loans in the province reached VND 73,730 billion, up 24.01% compared to the beginning of the year.
Agriculture, forestry and fishery continued to maintain stability, increasing by 1.7%. The whole province cultivated about 85 thousand hectares of rice; productivity was 53.1 quintals / ha, decreased by 0.5 quintals / ha, poultry farming was developed; raising cattle is difficult due to African swine fever. By the end of November 27, 2019, the total number of culled pigs was 148,428 (8,805 tons), accounting for 16.54% of the province's annual pigs. he total aquaculture production was estimated at 115,000 tons, exceeding 1.76% of the plan in 2019 and an increase of 0.4% compared to 2018. The newly planted forest area is more than 20,097 ha, accounting for 82% of the plan. Forest coverage rate reached 59%, exceeding the plan.
Due to the slow growth of the industry, the economic structure of the agricultural sector accounts for 12.62%, industry and construction is nearly 33.96%, of which industry accounts for 27.63%; trade - service accounted for 34.56%. The GRDP is more than 66 million VND / person, an increase of 4 million VND / person compared to 2018.
The total state budget revenuereached VND 22,711 billion / VND 23,144 billion, of which omestic revenue is expected to reach VND 18,544 billion, reaching 100% of the plan, import-export revenue of VND 4,167 billion / VND 4,600 billion, reaching 90.6%. The revenue structure has changed in a positive way, less dependent on some key products.
Cultural and social fields have been focused, basically in harmony with economic development, people's quality of life. Policies on people with meritorious services, social security assurance and sustainable poverty reduction have been focused. Labor structure shifted in a positive direction: labor in agriculture - forestry - fishery accounted for 40%, industry - construction accounted for 29.2%, trade - service sector accounted for 30.8%. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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