All need to know about the NCOVI application
All need to know about the NCOVI application (22/03/2020)
The NOCOVI has been jointly developed by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Information and Communications, VNPT Group and other IT enterprises. This application was created for citizens to proactively declare health, provide information related to the COVID-19 epidemic to health authorities. From there, authorities can identify risks of infection, zoning and disease control more effectively.
Following are all need to now about features: 
1. How to download and login
- Download the all in the App Store hoặc AI 
- Fillout personal information (full name, address, phone number, ...) to log in
- Input the code which was sent to your phone and start to use this software. 
2. Look up disease information from the app
After logging in, users can use the application to look up information about the Covid-19 epidemic. These are the official, reliable information provided by government agencies.
The information includes data on cases, deaths, and recoveries of Vietnam and the world
3. Voluntary medical declaration
Users need to enter personal information (full name, address, phone number, ...), along with a declaration of medical status (disease symptoms, background diseases if,...). Finally, users click on the "Submit medical declaration information" to complete.
4. Health tracking feature
NCOVI application also helps users update their daily health. Thereby, users will identify abnormal health signs if any and promptly notify authorities to take preventive measures.
5. Reflects information of the suspect object
If a suspect case is found or there are signs related to the disease (returning from an epidemic area, contacting an infected person, etc.), the user can directly reflect to the authorities through applications or call the hotline of the Ministry of Health 19009095. All subscribers of VinaPhone network will be exempted when calling to the above line.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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