Vietnam develops skilled human resources
Vietnam develops skilled human resources (14/06/2020)
The Prime Minister has just issued Directive 24 / CT-TTg on promoting the development of skilled labor force, contributing to improving labor productivity and increasing national competitiveness in the new situation.
For the past years, the training to develop skilled workers have been paid attention and achieved a lot of positive results. The policies on vocational training have gradually improved. The network of vocational ducation institutions has developed widely and diversified in types and quality. However, the scale, structure and quality of skilled workforce still do not meet the requirements of socio-economic development, especially in the context of the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. 
In order to take advantage of the golden population opportunity, boost skilled workforce, especially highly skilled ones, in order to raise Vietnamese labor skills, contribute to improving labor productivity and national competitiveness. In the new situation, the Prime Minister asked ministries, branches and localities to concentrate on implementing some contents. Accordingly, continuing to effectively implement mechanisms and policies for vocational education and training development and human resource development for vocational skills. Enhancing digital transformation and online training, focusing on retraining and regularly training the labor force to create drastic changes in the scale, quality and effectiveness of vocational education and training. Ensure learners have professional skills, digital skills, soft skills, start-up and foreign languages, ... to adapt to the requirements of the labor market. Striving to 2030, Vietnam's vocational education and training will reach the level of ASEAN-4 countries, and by 2045, reaching the level of G20 countries.
In addition, do well in the work of forecasting needs of building and updating open data on skilled workers in each field, industry and training level, especially in new occupations and skills and updating data. periodically. Strengthen the application of information technology in connecting supply and demand to improve the efficiency of training and employment, including workers who have returned to work abroad to promote the strengths of them in labor, production and income generation associated with decent work.
To direct the review, organization and reorganization of the vocational education and training institution system according to the objectives set out in the resolutions of the Central Government and the Government. Quickly stabilize the organization, diversify investment resources, ensure raising the quality and operational efficiency of vocational training institutions after being reorganized or reorganized; promote the development of vocational education institutions with autonomy and effective operation.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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