Quang Nam announces environmental monitoring results in 2019
Quang Nam announces environmental monitoring results in 2019 (19/06/2020)
On June 16, the Department of Natural Resource and Environment held a conference to announce the results of environmental monitoring in 2019.
The monitoring results show that water quality in major river systems such as Vu Gia, Thu Bon, Tam States, Truong Giang ... reached the allowed level in most parameters; only mild pollution of iron metal in Song Tranh, Truong River, Ly Ly River. Some parameters showing pollution such as Coliform, Pb in Bong Mieu River have improved. 
The system of Tam Ky and Truong Giang rivers alone exceeds chloride concentration due to natural saline intrusion due to the characteristics of brackish water in rivers have Clorua that exceeds concentration limit. Water in reservoirs, irrigation lakes, physico-chemical parameters, microorganisms, metals and organic substances are safe, meeting the requirements for daily-life water supply. The quality of underground water, sea water, sediment are all within the permitted level. The ambient air environment observed at the intersections shows that there is no pollution of toxic gases such as CO, NO2, SO2, but there is noise pollution, dust pollution 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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