Quang Nam annouces the 2019 PAR ranking results
Quang Nam annouces the 2019 PAR ranking results (23/06/2020)
On June 16th, PPC held an online conference to review the 2019 PAR Index, PAPI, ICT Index and announce the ranking result of 2019 PAR index.
Accordingly, the 2019 PAR index of Quang Nam increase 9 times, from the 44th to 35th (reached 80.84 points, 5.62 times higher than 2018). The satisfaction index dropped by 1.87 points (8.17 / 10.04 points). The survey points of leaders increased by 0.41 points (17.19 / 16.71). The administrative and social reform impact kept at 3.5 points.
The PAPI ranking of Quang Nam reached 44.33 points, ranked 22nd, up 1.19 points and 22 grades to 2018. Except for  environmental management which lost 0.81 points, others increased including the electronic governance index. The highest score amont 8 PAPI components are public sectors, public administrative procedures and public service delivery  (respectively 7.5 points, 7.16 points and 7.43 point). 
The ICT INDEX in 2019 of the province ranked 18/63 provinces and cities, up 23 places compared to 2018.
At the meeting, the representative of the Department of Home Affair announced he results of the administrative reform index (PAR) in 2019 in departments, agencies, People's Committees of districts, towns and cities. The Department of Taxation ranked the first in the provincial PAR indexes. Dien Ban ranked the first in administrative reforms index among localities. 
The representative of the Department of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment raised a number of specific difficulties in implementing public administrative reforms. The Department also listed out 2 solutions for public apolozing and improving authories' abilities. 
The Department of Transport that ranks the first on the PAR index proposed to improve the efficiency of PAR index for other departments and agencies. 
However, the localities ranking at the bottom still have certain difficulties and obstacles that are difficult to solve quickly. 
Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Le Van Dung - Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee praised the efforts of the departments, agencies and 18 districts, towns and cities in the province. 
He also analyzed the causes of the PAR implementation difficulties and emphasized that localities need to overcome to improve the PAR index. 
Mr. Ho Quang Buu - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requested departments, agencies, and 18 districts and cities to share the achieved and certain difficulties to provide a new direction. bring more results in the implementation of PAR. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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