Prevent illegal Multi-Level Marketing activies
Prevent illegal Multi-Level Marketing activies (27/06/2020)
PPC has just issued the Official Letter 3430 / UBND-KTN on June 25, 2020 assigning the Department of Industry and Trade to preside over, together with the Provincial Market Management Department, the provincial Police Department and related departments, branches and localities to strengthen the work of inspect, examine, supervise and strictly handle illegal multi-level marketing activities.
At the same time, advising PPC for to adjust, supplement or replace the Decision No. 456 / QD-UBND dated February 14, 2017  on coordination in the management of multi-levels marketing activities. 
The Department of Information and Communications and other media and press units in the province are responsible for developing regular programs and categories to propagate and disseminate business laws in a multi-mode manner; and warn people about the activities of disguise and injustice unde the multi-levels marketing manner. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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