Deploying solutions to develop sugar industry in the new situation
Deploying solutions to develop sugar industry in the new situation (30/06/2020)
The Prime Minister has just issued Directive No. 28 / CT-TTg on the implementation of solutions to develop Vietnam's sugar industry in the new situation.
The Directive clearly noted that: Over 25 years of building and implementing the program “One million tons of sugar”, Vietnam’s sugar industry has made great efforts to overcome difficulties, achieved many important achievements, and created jobs for more than 35,000 farmers and owners mobilizing domestic sugar sources, contributing to socio-economic development, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, especially in deep-lying and remote areas.
In recent years, the Government, the Prime Minister, ministries, central agencies and localities have always paid attention, directed and created favorable conditions in accordance with the law and in accordance with international practices to the industry sugar cane development. The Prime Minister has issued a guiding document (Notice No. 77 / TB-VPCP dated June 7, 2018) on the application of tariff quotas to sugar products. Following the direction of the Prime Minister, ministries, branches and localities have implemented a number of solutions to remove difficulties and improve the competitiveness of the sugar industry. After 2 years of implementation, despite many efforts, the sugar industry still faces challenges.
In the coming time, the view of the Government and the Prime Minister on the sugarcane industry is to proactively improve the competitiveness in order to integrate into the international economy equally with the spirit of independence and resilience; to accept the transformation of some ineffective sugarcane production areas and restructure the loss and weak sugar mills according to the law of market economy; forming sugarcane raw material area associated with sugar factory to ensure efficient operation, competitive and sustainable development. The sugar industry needs to take full advantage of its advantages to develop its capacity.
With the above guidelines, the Prime Minister requested ministries, localities, Vietnam Sugar Association and sugarcane enterprises to focus on drastically and synchronously implementing key tasks.
The Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the concerned agencies, units and localities in urgently elaborating and submitting to the Government for promulgation a Decree to promote synchronous mechanization in agriculture based on Decision No. 68/2013 / QD-TTg dated November 14, 2013 of the Prime Minister on policies to reduce agricultural losses; prioritize the allocation of annual funding for the research of new sugarcane varieties and support the implementation of a three-level sugarcane project in key sugar-producing regions; promote mechanization and irrigation of concentrated sugarcane areas; research and manufacture and process to diversify products from sugarcane and waste by-products in sugar production.
Besides, reviewing and supplementing regulations, standards and technical regulations on: use of plant protection substances in sugarcane production; product quality and food safety in sugarcane production, management of imported sugar; study and apply the measure of sugar production and inspection in exporting countries according to international practices. Reviewing the national technical regulation on quality of raw sugarcane to ensure the transparency of sugar cane, the price of sugarcane in the trade of raw material cane between enterprises and farmers.
The Prime Minister requested People’s Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities to review and build concentrated sugarcane production areas, adopt policies to encourage the application of mechanization, improvement of sugarcane varieties and cultivation process in order to improve productivity, quality, reduce sugarcane price in advantageous areas; guide and support sugarcane farmers to switch to other crops in areas where sugarcane is inefficient.
At the same time, develop and deploy specific plans to strongly develop agricultural cooperatives producing sugarcane associated with the sugar factory; speeding up the development and development of agricultural extension models, building large fields associated with synchronous mechanization in sugarcane production; take effective measures to prevent the situation of buying and selling paintings, violating associated contracts in sugarcane production and consumption.
Prioritize local capital to support the development of mechanization, improve productivity and quality, perfect the organization of sugarcane production and the sugar production chain.
Vietnam Sugar Association and sugarcane enterprises actively develop the Scheme on restructuring sugarcane enterprises in the direction of stepping up the application of science and technology and focusing on investment in raising productivity, quality and efficiency results and competitiveness, consistent with the context of international economic integration; actively coordinating with local state management agencies in supporting linkages between farmers and enterprises; building and perfecting the process of technical cultivation of sugarcane suitable to farmers’ households and cooperatives in order to improve productivity, quality and lower the cost of raw sugarcane.
The Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Industry and Trade to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the concerned agencies and units to actively monitor and promptly propose the application of trade defense measures for imported sugar products in compliance with the international commitments; forming a synchronized and accurate database on the situation of export, import and production based on information provided by the competent authorities to ready to assist enterprises in consulting and preparing. Trade defense records.
The Ministry of Industry and Trade shall study and propose management measures related to sugar import and export business activities in line with the new situation; strengthening market management, checking, preventing and strictly handling acts of smuggling, trade fraud and acts of abetting smuggling in sugar and sweeteners production and trading activities. .
The Ministry of Finance shall assume the prime responsibility and direct the Customs force to coordinate with the concerned ministries, agencies and localities in synchronously implementing solutions to detect, arrest and strictly handle acts of trading and transporting illegally, fraudulently trading sugar products, strictly managing import forms to produce exports and goods origin from sources in order to stabilize and develop healthy the domestic sugar market.
The National Steering Committee against smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeits (Steering Committee 389) strengthened the fight against smuggling, counterfeiting and trade frauds more drastically; strictly handle officials involved in illegal import sugar protection.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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