PM holds a national online meeting on COVID-19 prevention
PM holds a national online meeting on COVID-19 prevention (30/08/2020)
On August 27, PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc chaired a nationwide online meeting on the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic. In Quang Nam, Chairman Le Tri Thanh, Vice Chairman Tran Van Tan attended the meeting.
Speaking at the opening of the meeting, the Prime Minister said that localities and health sectors had drastically acted, strengthened testing and basically had good control of the situation. People has a great faith and believe in the Government's direction in epidemic prevention.
According to the Ministry of Health, by 6:00 AM of August 27th, Vietnam has had recorded 1,032 cases of Covid-19, of which 687 cases were caused by domestic infections; in which the number of new cases from July 25 to now is 547 cases. Currently, 141 patients have 1-3 times negative test for SARS-CoV-2. The total number of deaths is 29. The number of cured cases is 632. Nationwide, more than 26,000 candidates in 27 provinces and cities will take part in the 2nd high school graduation exam.
Chairman Le Tri Thanh reported the situation in Quang Nam. For the 8 past days, Quang Nam has had no new cases of COVID-19. From August 28th, Hoi An, Dien Ban and Duy Xuyen also ended the quarantee. The province is also preparing well to hold the second High School Graduation Exam safely and seriously. 
 Mr. Thanh proposed to the Prime Minister to soon issue a directive to replace Directive 19 in the new situation because there are many new epidemics; and pay attention to settlement for foreign experts. 
The Prime Minister affirmed that the local people, especially the epidemic localities, were very calm in handling the situation. The problem is that the implementation of dual goals, both promoting production and anti-epidemic. At the same time, he also recognized that localities have had effective policies and measures to prevent epidemics on the basis of the advice of the local health sector.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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