Quang Nam unbind business’ difficulties amid Covid-19
Quang Nam unbind business’ difficulties amid Covid-19 (30/08/2020)
On August 26, Quang Nam leaders including Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Tri Thanh visited and encouraged the businesses in Tam Thang Industrial Park (Tam Ky city) to overcome their difficulties due to the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).
The visit of Quang Nam leaders to the businesses such as Hyosung Quang Nam, Panko Tam Thang and Fashion Garment companies aimed to survey the Covid-19 prevention, listen to their suggestions about the epidemic prevention and safe production activities.
These businesses also talked about their difficulties in the long-lasting epidemic situation. For example, Hyosung Quang Nam or Fashion Garment were not able to receive experts from abroad for work. Fashion Garment and Panko Tam Thang  didn’t recruit more labours they needed for their production activities.  
Chairman Thanh appreciated the efforts of these businesses in both disease prevention and production maintenance, creating jobs for workers, contributing to Quang Nam’s socio-economic development. Therefore, he asked provincial functional departments to work together to unbind businesses’ difficulties.
At the same time, Quang Nam leaders hoped businesses and labours in the locality strictly to carry out Vietnam and Quang Nam’s medical recommendations in the fight against Covid-19 at home and at work. It will help the life to be normal again and develop in the future.

Source: baoquangnam.com.vn

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