Economic recovery after Covid-19
Economic recovery after Covid-19 (23/09/2020)
Quang Nam is implementing various plans to unbind enterprises’ difficulties for local economic recovery after Covid-19.
Maintaining production and trade during the Covid-19 pandemic is a bright spot, the success of local enterprises and the local economy.
About 200 enterprises exporting key products such as Tuan Dat, Panko, Groz Beckert, Viet Vuong, Truong Giang, Hysosung ... (clothing, fabrics, medical equipment), CCI Vietnam (electronic chips), Cam Ha wood, Huu Toan Chu Lai (generators), Dai Duong Kinh (glass) ...are maintaining their production and export activities.
Especially, Truong Hai Auto Corporation (Thaco) has just exported their products including auto spare parts and cars to foreign countries such as the U.S, Japan, Thailand. Last August, Chu Lai port was still bustling.
According to Director of the Quang Nam Customs Department Le Thanh Khang, local enterprises have actively promoted markets, expanded new export and import markets instead of depending on the Chinese market.
Therefore, they still receive orders. Keeping exports from negative growth can be seen as the success of local businesses over the past few months.
Thaco have been more than 2,000 purchase contracts after 10 days of its launch of Kia Seltos passenger cars in Vietnam. It was an impressive number, breaking the record of previous Kia passenger cars in the Vietnamese market.
Quang Nam is now setting a new normal state after the Covid-19 pandemic. Many enterprises start to recover their production and trade. A lot of Quang Nam tourist destinations have just reopened with good signals.
So, Quang Nam province will accompany with businesses, creating favourable conditions for them in investment, production and trade for local economic recovery after Covid-19.


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