Strengthen the prevention and fight livestock animal and poultry diseases.
Strengthen the prevention and fight livestock animal and poultry diseases. (25/10/2020)
On October 23th, Vice Chairman Ho Quang Buu chaired an online conference to review the prevention and control of livestock and poultry diseases in recent years as well as implement solutions in the coming time.
Reported by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, since the beginning of the year, due to African swine fever outbreaks in 2 times in May and July 2020 in nearly 100 communes, the province had more than 2,000 destroyed pigs. Up to now, the whole province has only 9 communes with infected pigs less than 21 days. 
Regarding foot-and-mouth disease, there are currently 78 epidemic communes in the province with a total of 2,400 infected. Currently, localities have vaccinated nearly 250,000 doses of foot-and-mouth disease. Avian flu is well controlled. From the beginning of the year until now, no outbreak has occurred.
For the first 9 months, Quang Nam had 942 cases of dogs having symptoms of biting humans, having rabies attacks, running missing after biting people. 
At the conference, he concerned localities, departments and branches also discussed and raised difficulties and shortcomings in the prevention of livestock diseases. 
Addressing at the conference, Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee Ho Quang Buu emphasized: localities need to seriously implement vaccination; when detecting epidemic germs, determined to stamp out the epidemic, not to spread, and not to appear new diseases. Strengthen tight management of dispersed slaughterhouses. The quick promotion functions and sectors support localities in building concentrated slaughterhouses. 

Translator: Nhat Ha

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