Fast Facts about Storm Goni - Storm No.10
Fast Facts about Storm Goni - Storm No.10 (31/10/2020)
According to Quang Nam Hydrometeorology, Typhoon GONI is likely to enter the East Sea in the next 48 hours.
This morning (October 31, 2020), typhoon GONI was about 800km east of Lu-dong island (the Philippines). The strongest wind in the area near the center of a strong storm is level 17 (from 200 - 220km / h), jerking above level 17.
In the next 24 -48 hours, the storm moves to the West, about 20km per hour, is expected early in the morning of November 2, 2020, storm GONI enters the East Sea - the 10th storm in the East Sea.
Warning on the impact of the storm GONI (storm no.10 when entering the South China Sea):
According to the initial assessment, typhoon GONI (typhoon No. 10) is a super typhoon in the East of the Philippines and a very strong storm in the East Sea of ​​our country, the storm moves quite quickly and has a lot of possibilities hitting to the Central including Quang Nam. So it is necessary to especially strengthen the monitoring of continuously updated information about this storm's developments.
Large-scale heavy rains are likely to occur from November 4 to 6, with intense rain concentrated on November 4 to 5, 2020; The total rainfall in localities in the province is popular from 150-250mm, especially in some places the rainfall is over 400mm.
Vehicles operating in the East Sea and Quang Nam sea  including those that have been anchored to avoid storms, need measures to prevent strong winds, high waves, and fierce sea waves.
Heavy rain, in a short time, water quickly concentrates in the water-saturated conditions: it is necessary to especially strengthen the safety of dams and lakes, prevent landslides along rivers and coastal areas; flash floods in mountainous areas; widespread inundation in the downstream areas of Vu Gia, Thu Bon and Tam Ky rivers.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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