Repair telecommunication networks after the typhoon No.9
Repair telecommunication networks after the typhoon No.9 (31/10/2020)
Quang Nam is trying to fix the problems of transmission lines and broadcasting stations due to the impact of storm No. 9.
As reported, 39/154 BTS station lost contact due to broken fiber cables, power outages (mainly in mountainous districts).
On October 28th, Phuoc Son and Nong Son lost network completely. Mr. Nguyen Hai Nguyen - Director of MobiFone Quang Nam said that typhoon No. 9 caused power outages, broken fiber cables, leading to local loss in some areas.
“We are concentrating on the technical team to actively troubleshoot problems, deploy cable connections so that communication can be quickly recovered. Some places with loss of signal have been treated and stabilized again ”- Mr. Nguyen informed.


Translator: Nhat Ha

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