Early recovery the orchards in Tien Phuoc
Early recovery the orchards in Tien Phuoc (22/11/2020)
On November 3rd, Chairman Le Tri Thanh visited and encouraged garden oweners in Tien Phuoc districts.
Recognizing the damage, Mr.Thanh suggested the garden owners proactively overcome and re-plant the trees that are able to recover, not to prolong the loss of the trees. He also that the province will consider to have a general support policy for people to soon recovery the gardens.
Two types of fruit that bring high economic value to gardeners in Tien Phuoc are durian and mangosteen. Many gardens are bearing fruit and promise to bring high income for people. However, storm no.9 swept through the tree and fell. One of the most heavily damaged was the durian garden of Mr. Thai Nguyen Khoa's house in Huu Lam village (Tien Ky town, Tien Phuoc). The number of trees that had fallen off the ground was cut down. The trees that can overcome will need many years to give fruits backs.  Fortunately, the mangosteen trees that are giving fruit about to ripen do not fall over but they certainly give little income.
Mr. Khoa said that each year durian and mangosteen earn more than 150 million VND, now the storm has taken it all. "The family will cultivate and revitalize the orchard, not requiring support from the State, because I know many other households with severe losses are in need of assistance" - Mr. Khoa said.
Mr. Vien said, storms make the tree wobbly, the number of pods until harvest will not be much. Tens of his family's rosewood trees also fell due to the removal of storm No. 9. Regrettably, he will lose a large income from the mangosteen tree, but Mr. Vien also expressed his optimism and determination: "The storm damages many families, still trying to take care and restore the tree to grow again" .
Mr. Mai Minh Nguyet - Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Tien Phuoc district said that the district's garden economy was severely damaged by typhoon No. 9. Through preliminary reports of 15 communes and towns, more than 70% of the area of ​​crops fruits, perennial industrial trees of economic value in the district are eroded, broken, fallen .

Translator: Nhat Ha

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