Quang Nam reached more than 23.5 billion trillion dong for state budget revenue
Quang Nam reached more than 23.5 billion trillion dong for state budget revenue (31/12/2020)
On December 31th, Chairman Le Tri Thanh chaired an online conference to review work aspects in 2020, and implement the plan for 2021.
According to the report, in 2020, the socio-economic situation will face many difficulties and changes due to the Covid-19 epidemic and natural disasters. However, with the efforts of the whole political system, the consensus of the people, a number of targets and tasks set out have all met and exceeded the plan. The total state budget revenue in the province was 23.5 trillion VND, reaching more than 93% of the estimate; ranked 11th out of 63 provinces. The total number of recruited and vocational training workers in 2020 will be more than 32.8 thousand people. There were 7 new foreign direct investment (FDI) projects with a total registered capital of about 33 million USD; bringing the total number of valid FDI projects in the province up to now is 196 projects with a total registered capital of 5.93 billion USD. 
In particular, the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic and overcoming of natural disasters, floods and storms have been focused on: many tasks and urgent solutions for the prevention of Covid-19 epidemics have been set up until now; urgently overcoming the damage caused by natural disasters, storms and floods, early stabilizing the life and production for the people.
In the year 2021, the Provincial People's Committee has set out a number of targets: otal products in the area (GRDP 2010 constant prices) increase 6.5-7%; The rate of investment capital / GRDP accounts for over 30%; Budget revenue in the province will reach 19,350 billion Dong, equal to 95.4% of the figure in 2020; of which domestic revenue was 16,000 billion Dong, up 2.1%. Strive to have at least 06 more communes meeting new rural standards, increasing the number of communes meeting new rural standards to 122 communes; Strive to reduce 2,000 poor households; Rate of trained workers reaches 67%.
Mr. Thanh acknowledged and praised the efforts of departments, branches and localities. He offered 10 groups of key solutions: 
- Focus on Covid-19 epidemic prevention and quick recovery of consequences caused by natural disasters and storms.
- Well implement the socio-economic development plan for 2021 under the direction of the Government, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Council.
- Strongly implement the digital transformation program
- Early recovery and develop of production, business and enterprise support
- Promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.
- Continue to perform three breakthrough tasks of investment in synchronous infrastructure, developing human resources and improving the investment environment in the 2016-2020 period
- Promote the diversification of forms of mobilization, create capital sources for development investment
- Strongly develop the marine economy and coastal plain areas
- Effective management and use of natural resources, minerals and environmental protection
- Proactively prevent and combat natural disasters, responding to climate change; To well implement socio-cultural development objectives and tasks.

Translator: Nhat Ha

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