Three years of implementing the OCOP program
Three years of implementing the OCOP program (31/12/2020)
On December 28th, PPC a preliminary conference to review 3 years of implementing the OCOP program. Vice-Chairman Ho Quang Buu attended the conference.
For the past 3 years, the OCOP program in Quang Nam has been achieved positive results. The system of organization and implementation of OCOP Program at all levels (province, district, commune) has been built and strengthened. The OCOP cycle is implemented annually; the promulgation of mechanisms and policies to support the Program has been implemented. The program was expanded, the products registered to participate in the OCOP Program this year are always higher than the previous year (2018: 35 products, in 2019: 107 products, in 2020: 135 products); the number of products recognized from 3-star OCOP and above in the group of top provinces in the country. 
The development of economic organizations participating in the OCOP Program have been carried out; more jobs are created. The average revenue and profit are increased. The total resources mobilized for the implementation of the OCOP Program for the period of 2018-2020 is VND 281,405 million, of which: The State budget to support the implementation of the OCOP Program is: 58,777 million VND; Community budget to participate in OCOP Program: 217,628 million VND.
Speaking at the conference, Mr. Ho Quang Buu said that PPC highly appreciated the achieved results of the OCOP program in the period of 2018-2020. He also requested districts, towns and cities to study to build OCOP product booths to sell and display their typical products. The Department of Industry and Trade builds an e-commerce system to promote investment; how to increase sales of OCOP products after accreditation. 
On this occasion, Mr. Ho Quang Buu - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee awarded certificates of merit of the Provincial People's Committee to 3 collectives, 5 individuals and 1 product that are completing the procedure to request the Central Government to recognize the OCOP 5-star products

Translator: Nhat Ha

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