Nui Thanh District
Nui Thanh District (02/04/2014)
Discover Nui Thanh District

(Chu Lai - Open Economic Zone)

Total Area: 533.96 km2

(Total Population: 140,300

Population Density: 263/km2

Nui Thanh District is the southernmost part of Quang Nam Province, it borders Quang Ngai Province in the south, and Tam Ky City in the north. Nui Thanh District has the 27,000 hectare Chu Lai Open Economic Zone with the most attractive investment incentives in Vietnam. It is also home to the truly unique and romantic resort named Le Domain de Tam Hai in the charming Tam Hai Island, to where you can ride a motorbike along the beach from Hoi An Ancient Town. Moreover, Nui Thanh Victory Statue marks the place where Quang Nam people launched the first fight against American armed forces in the American War. 

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