Tay Giang District
Tay Giang District (07/04/2014)
Tay Giang District

(Administrative area  of Tay Giang District)

Total Area: 902.97 km2

Total Population: 17,200

Population Density: 19/km2

Tay Giang is a mountainous district in the westernmost part of Quang Nam Province. It borders Laos in the west, Thua Thien Hue Province in the north, the districts of Dong Giang in the east and Nam Giang in the south. Tay Giang District lies 180 km northwest of Tam Ky City and 125 km southwest of Da Nang City. This is among the poorest districts (over 50% of poor households) with the majority of Cotu ethnic people. Agriculture, forestry, and cattle raising are main production activities in this area. The district is quite well-known for its natural ginseng and other precious medical plants. This district has not been included in the province’s tourist map because of its remote location and under-investment. 

(Village people Cotu - Tay Giang)

Read more: http://taygiang.quangnam.gov.vn

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