Phu Ninh District
Phu Ninh District (20/05/2014)
Phu Ninh District

Total Area: 251.52 km2

Total Population: 78,400

Population Density: 312/km2

Phu Ninh is a young district that was separated from Tam Ky City in 2005. It borders Tam Ky City and Nui Thanh District in the east, Tien Phuoc District in the west, Bac Tra My District in the south, and Thang Binh District in the north. The district has been well known for the national second biggest man-made reservoir finished in 1986 after 10 years of incredible human labor and effort. Phu Ninh Lake has been playing a very important role in agricultural production in surrounding areas since its first days. It is now a national natural site presenting a tranquil tourist attraction. In addition, Phu Ninh District is the ending point of Bong Mieu gold mine - one of the big mines of Vietnam. However, they are agriculture and forestry main sectors of the district economy.

(Phu Ninh Lake)

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