Que Son District
Que Son District (28/09/2014)
Que Son District

(Dong Phu Town, Que Son District)

Total Area: 251.17 km2

Total Population: 83,000

Population Density: 330/km2

Que Son is located in the midland of Quang Nam Province, 30 km northwest of Tam Ky City. It borders Duy Xuyen District in the north, Hiep Duc in the south, Nong Son in the west, and Thang Binh in the east. Que Son District has quite a balanced economic structure of agriculture-forestry, industry, and trade-tourism, with the leading role of industry. The East Que Son Industrial Park lies 32 km south of Da Nang City, covering the area of 210 hectares in the first phase, and 300 hectares in the second phase. They are calling for investment in mechanical engineering, electrical assembly industry, consumer goods industry, construction material production, agriculture and forestry product processing industry, and exports processing industry. Besides, the district is looking for investors in tourism to take advantage of its group of springs and wartime historical sites. 

(Cam Doi Victory Monument)

Read more : http://queson.quangnam.gov.vn

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