Hiep Duc District
Hiep Duc District (28/09/2014)
Hiep Duc District

Total Area: 494.19 km2

Total Population: 38,500

Population Density: 78/km2

Hiep Duc District is located 40 km west of Tam Ky City, and 50 km south of Da Nang City. It borders the districts of Thang Binh in the east, Phuoc Son in the west, Tien Phuoc and Bac Tra My in the south, and Que Son in the north. Most of the district area is hills and mountains; plains concentrate on the eastern part of the district. Agriculture and forestry have leading role in the district’s economic structure, followed by trade and service, and then comes industry. Hiep Duc District is one of the cradles of the traditional art of Tuong in Quang Nam Province, with some Tuong groups still in operation now. The district is also the land of fierce fighting in the wartime with numerous remaining historical sites.

Read more: http://hiepduc.quangnam.gov.vn

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