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Politics - Society
Strenthening to prevent forest fire 30/06/2020

The Goverment has just issued to the Document directing ministries, department and localities to forest fire prevention and fighting.

Many tax policies is benefical to taxpayers 30/06/2020

Increasing the family circumstance deduction to 11 million VND / person, dependent is VND 4.4 million / person. lion / month and VND 4.4 million / month for each dependent. 50% reduction of registration fee for domestically manufactured and assembled cars from June 28 to the end of 2020. 30% reduction of the payable enterprise income tax of 2020 for enterprises, cooperatives and organization. These are very important contents in the overall solutions to remove difficulties in the post-COVID-19 epidemic.

Paying fines online for traffic violation nationwide 30/06/2020

The online payment for traffice violations has been implemented since March, 2020 in Hanoi, HCM City, Hai Phong, Danang and Binh Thuan. From July 1st, the Goverment will public services on the National Public Service Portal and introduce public services and benefits for citizens and business.

Decentralizing the State management into sectors and industries 27/06/2020

The Government issued the Resolution No.99/NQ-CP on pushing up the classification of the State management by sectors and fields.

PM: Remaining high guard against COVID-19 27/06/2020

At the end of the meeting with the Government’s permanent members in Hanoi on June 24, the Prime Minister stressed that "not open to international tourists yet". Maintaining guard against COVID-19 is still needed to ensure public health.

3,000 households registers to escapse poverty in 2020 26/06/2020

Reported from the Deparment of Planning and Investment at the regular meeting in June, the socio-economic development in rural and mountainous areas, the new rural program, poverty reduction achieved some positive results. There are nearly 3,000 registering to escape poverty.

Regulations on restricted zones for drones, ultra-light aircraft 23/06/2020

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has signed Decision No. 18/2020/QD-TTg specifying prohibited zones for unmanned aerial aircraft and ultra-light flying objects.

More than 200 thousand people were paid allowance due to COVID-19 23/06/2020

On June 5th, PPC held an online conference on the implementation of payment policies to support people who got difficulties due to the COVID-19 under Resolution No.42 of the Government. Vice-Chairman Tran Dinh Tung chaired the meeting.

Vietnam develops skilled human resources 14/06/2020

The Prime Minister has just issued Directive 24 / CT-TTg on promoting the development of skilled labor force, contributing to improving labor productivity and increasing national competitiveness in the new situation.

Reviewing results of food Safety and hygiene in the first 4 months 31/05/2020

On May 21st, Vice Chairman Tran Van Tan chaired a meeting with the Department of Food Safety and Hygiene (OSH) on the performance of the first 4 months of 2020 and tasks for the next months.

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