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Healthcare - Education
Quang Nam leads up in constructing national-standard schools 29/06/2020

Reported by the Department of Education and Training said that the constructionof national standard schools is always focused and paid attention. Until now, Quang Nam has had 541 schools reaching national standards, reaching the rate of over 65.25%; which brings Quang Nam to the highest ranking in the Coastal Central.

Vietnam tests the COVID-1 vaccine first 16/05/2020

Vaccine and Biological Production Company No.1 (VABIOTECH) said it had tested COVID-19 vaccine on mice prior to further evaluation.

All need to know about the NCOVI application 22/03/2020

The NOCOVI has been jointly developed by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Information and Communications, VNPT Group and other IT enterprises. This application was created for citizens to proactively declare health, provide information related to the COVID-19 epidemic to health authorities. From there, authorities can identify risks of infection, zoning and disease control more effectively.

MOH trained IT application in preventing Covid-19 18/03/2020

On March 15, Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long chaired an online conference of "Training IT application in preventing Covid-19". In Quang Nam, the Director of the Health Department chaired.

Quang Nam organizes 4 subcommittees for prevention of Covid-19 29/02/2020

Chairman Le Tri Thanh - Head of the provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control has just signed a decision to set up 4 subcommittees for prevention and control of Covid-19 to advise and assist the Head of the provincial Steering Committee.

"Mode of study" to disappear on the Degree of higher education 17/02/2020

The Ministry of Education and Training has just issued a circular stipulating the main content on the higher education diploma and annex. Accordingly, from March 1, 2020, the mode of studly as "formal", "in-service" ... will only be listed on the appendix of the diploma and not on the higher education diploma as before.

Schools must be safe before reopening amid COVID-19 epidemic 15/02/2020

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has stressed the spirit of ensuring health and absolute safety for students when they return to schools after a two-week break due to the acute respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

5 items exempt from import tax as a mean of combating affects of nCoV 13/02/2020

The Ministry of Finance has issued the decision No. 155/QĐ-BTCin which a range of goods are exempt from import tax as part of activities in order to prevent and control cases of acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of the nCoV.

The Ministry of Heath launched a website and app about nCoV 10/02/2020

On February 8th, The Ministry of Health officially launched a new website to share vital and accurate information of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The Ministry of Health recommends to wear medical masks properly 08/02/2020

The Ministry of Health recommends people to avoid wearing face masks indiscriminately, causing waste and making a sense of virtual" feeling of peace

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