Directions of PPC
Directions of PPC
Rescheduling the plan of completing all new rural goals in the period of 2016-2020 27/06/2020

PPC has just issued the Official Letter No. 3308 / UBND-KTN agreeing to delay the time of completing the targets of the National Program on New Rural Construction in the period 2016-2020 until September 2020 (instead of before June 2020).

Focusing to complete objectives of he National Program on New Rural Construction in 2020 27/06/2020

PPC just isued the Official Letter No. 3420 / UBND-KTN on June 24, 2020 asking heads of related departments, agencies and Chairmen of People's Committees of districts, towns, cities and members of Provincial Steering Committee to implement a number of contents to complete objectives of the National Program on New Rural Construction in 2020.

Prevent illegal Multi-Level Marketing activies 27/06/2020

PPC has just issued the Official Letter 3430 / UBND-KTN on June 25, 2020 assigning the Department of Industry and Trade to preside over, together with the Provincial Market Management Department, the provincial Police Department and related departments, branches and localities to strengthen the work of inspect, examine, supervise and strictly handle illegal multi-level marketing activities.

Quang Nam postpone school reopening by the end of February 16/02/2020

By February 15th, authorities of all 63 provinces and cities in Viet Nam, including Quang Nam decided to further postpone school reopening until the end of February amid complex developments of novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

Quang Nam establishes the Provincial Monument and Landmarks Management Board 08/12/2019

PPC approved the Decision No. 3905 / QD-UBND on establishing the Quang Nam Monument and Landmard Management Board, by merging Quang Nam Relics and Landscape Management Center with the Management Board of Heroic Vietnamese Mother Monument.

Continue to support housing for people with merit 31/10/2019

At the 11th session of the Provincial People's Council IX, PPC issued the Resolution stipulating to support housing for people with merit during the period 2019 - 2021.

New regulations on managing tourist destinations and area in Quang Nam 21/10/2019

PPC has just issued the Decision No. 17/2019/QĐ-UBND regulating the management of tourist areas and destinations in the province.

More than 55 billion VND to deploy the Central Region linking project 20/10/2019

PPC decided to allocate 55 billion VNd from the central budget during the period 2016-2020 to invest in transportation construction of the Central Region linking project.

Simplify administrative procedures in investment 19/10/2019

Quang Nam issued the Decision 3225/QĐ-UBND approving the plan to simplify administrative procedures in investment under the management of Quang Nam's People Committee. Speacifically, the procedures of "Join capital, purchase capital of business of foreign investors" will be reduced from 15days to 10days.

The friendship and cooperation between Sekong and Quang Nam 30/09/2019

On the occasion of working in Quang Nam province on September 20, Deputy Secretary of Sekong provincial Party Committee Phonphet Khiulavong offered Quang Nam province a book of History of Sekong provincial Party Committee.

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