Charity Address
Charity Address
Old parents with 6 mentally ill children in need 17/04/2014

Tran Van Thiet (born in 1954) and his wife (born in 1961) live in Binh Hai Commune of Thang Binh District; their family is year after year at the bottom of the local poor household list.

11-month-old baby girl with marble bone disease 10/04/2014

That's the pitiful plight of the child named Ho Nguyen Tuong Vy - daughter of Nguyen Thi Nga (33 years olds, Dien Thang Nam Commune); this little child had marble bone disease when she was 4 months old.

Thang Binh: A man in severely difficult situation needs help 07/04/2014

Pham Ngoc De (born in 1978, Binh Trung Commune) was born in a family of five brothers and sisters. Mr. De lives with his parents, who have diabetes and heart disease. Everyday, they live on severe shortage with little money from their small garden.

Tam Ky: No words can express his great pain 18/03/2014

Le Trinh Minh Huy has been suffering from pains to pains over 20 years of his lifetime.

Special circumstance of 79 years- old man in Thang Binh District 11/03/2014

It's the pitiful plight of 79 years-old man Huynh Tam living in Binh Duong Commune of Thang Binh District with his 78 years-old ill wife Dang Thi Huong and mentally ill son Huynh Van Ba born in 1975.

Thang Binh District - Old Mother and 9 Children with Mental Illness 19/02/2014

The image of old woman Nguyen Thi Suc (group 7, Vinh Dong Village, Binh Tri Commune), trying to feed her nine children with mental illness, congenital deaf and dumb makes everyone move to tears.

Phu Ninh District - Orphans Longing for Happy Days 17/02/2014

Despite of being nurtured with good care at the provincial orphanage, those unlucky children is always longing for happy home.