Telecom cables in Hoi An upgraded

On December 13th, Vice Chairman of Hoi An People's Committee Nguyen Van Son chaired a meeting to discuss the management and repair of telecommunication cables in Hoi An city.

Attendees included Mr. Pham Thi Ngoc Quyen - Standing Deputy Director of Department of Information and Communications of Quang Nam, representative of Quang Nam Electricity, telecommunication enterprises.

At the meeting, representatives of Quang Nam Power Company said, "For the past years, some telecommunication service units have hang cables on poles without QNA PC's agreement. Telecomunication cables are hung at different heights, on many sides of columnsare not compliant with the regulation No 379 /QĐ-STTTT dated September 11th 2010. 

Quang Nam Power Company will firstly upgrade telecommunication cables  on the pilot pole of 06 km in Cua Dai - Lac Long Quan, Hoi An city. 

The remains will be completed in the second quarter of 2018.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice Chairman of Hoi An People's Committee  Nguyen Van Son said: "Hoi An is a cultural and tourist city with many international events. Therefore, the upgrading of telecommunication cables is very urgent. It must be done soon to ensure the beauty of urban, safe for people and tourists on the road.".

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