Phu Ninh District - Orphans Longing for Happy Days

Despite of being nurtured with good care at the provincial orphanage, those unlucky children is always longing for happy home.

We visited Quang Nam Orphanage for Newborn Orphans at Tam Dan Commune of Phu Ninh District in early days of the lunar year of horses 2014. “Here live 83 unfortunate children most of whom were abandoned right after being born.” says Head of the Orphanage Vo Thi Hong Hanh.

The 10-year-old girl named Nguyen Thi Hien Trang has been sent to this orphanage since she was two. She hasn’t met her relatives for 8 years and never blamed her mother for not bring her home on Tet. Trang says: “I know that my mother was always busy earning a living for my family, even on Tet holidays. I wish I could spend the Tet with my brother and grandmother just one time.” Unlike Trang, some children don’t want to come back home because there is no place and love for them at home. That is the case of ALăng Bumgsu and ALăng Thi Choi whose mother died when the younger was 2 months old; their father sent them to this orphanage and remarried.

On the occasion of Tet 2014, the children had new clothes and “lucky money” with the support of benefactors and volunteers. The Tet is now over, and they are still there with their little dreams.

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