Tam Ky: No words can express his great pain

Le Trinh Minh Huy has been suffering from pains to pains over 20 years of his lifetime.

One day in 1993, the child named Lê Trinh Minh Huy was born. Out of carelessness, the doctor made the 1-day-old baby’s cheek tear. The wound was seriously infected and destroyed his cheek. The child’s health, therefore, was depleted. The young couple Le Van Minh - Trinh Thi Thuong Thuong collapsed when their first child is alive, but nearly dead.

At that time, Tien Phong Newspaper sent the child to 108 Hospital in Hanoi to make a surgery with the wish of returning the innocent face to him but failed because he was too weak.

The pain is thought to go away as time passes by. However, Huy's mother suddenly died of cancer. One year later, his father died in a traffic accident. Huy could only rely on his old grandparents, uncle, and aunts but they are too poor to raise the unlucky boy.

Few years later, both of his grandparents passed away. From that time on, the burden of life is now pressing on his aunt’s thin shoulders.

More than 20 years have passed since then, the boy Le Trinh Minh Huy is growing up physically, but his mind is fading away. He does not recognize anything like a 1-day-old child.

I hope that the good heart will continue supporting him in his pitiful life. 

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