Thang Binh: A man in severely difficult situation needs help

Pham Ngoc De (born in 1978, Binh Trung Commune) was born in a family of five brothers and sisters. Mr. De lives with his parents, who have diabetes and heart disease. Everyday, they live on severe shortage with little money from their small garden.

Unfortunately, he had a traffic accident on his way home from work. After more than eight months of treatment, he was paralyzed on his left side. During his treatment in hospital, the poor family had to go from one place to another to borrow money to pay for his bills. The family, therefore, falls into poverty.

Then, another traffic accident happened and brought him serious multiple trauma. In some recent years, his whole body has ached; he had to suffer a continuous, dull pain whenever the weather changes. The family continued to borrow money to pay for the orthopaedic surgery taking the steel strap out of his arms. To ease his illness, the doctor requested him to reexamine his brain, and do physiotherapy exercises in some months.

This poor family has been struggling for live and in great need of help.

Please contact the editorial board of the official website of Quang Nam Province for further information and donation:

Address: No. 50 Hung Vuong Street, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province

Tel: 0510.3818333; Fax: 0510.3811750


Bank account: 007444020001 at the Tam Ky Branch of Dong A Bank

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