Nam Giang-Dak Cheung cooperative agreement

A cooperative agreement between Nam Giang district (Quang Nam province, Vietnam) and Dak Cheung district (Sokong province, Laos) was signed at the annual conference on December 14.

At the conference, the situations of political security and social order in the border area of two districts were reported to be stable. The management of cross-border activities, the exchange and mutual assistance between Nam Giang and Dak Cheung, especially in case of traditional holidays, were implemented well.
Accordingly, Nam Giang gave 20 cows and a lot of gifts (about VND500 million) to the poor people of Dac Chung district in 2016. In 2017, the import and export goods through the Nam Giang gateway reached nearly USD3.9 million. After three years of cooperation between Nam Giang and Dak Cheung, there have been 18 visits and exchanges with nearly VND200 million offered to each other. Every year, Nam Giang gives VND 200 million to help people in Dak Cheung district develop their production to better their lives.
At the conference, the 4th Cooperative agreement on socio-economic development, security and defense was signed between these two districts.

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