Hospitals in Quang Nam to be presented vetilators and medical equipments

The the Vietnam Association of Young Physicians presented 02Flo ventilators, 540 grade 4 protective suits and 540 3M N95 masks to hospitals in Quang Nam.

Attendees included Mr. Nguyen Huu Tu - Permanent Vice Chairman and General Secretary of the Vietnam Association of Young Doctors. On the side of the province were Mr. Tran Van Tan - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; comrade Le Thai Binh - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee; leaders of the provincial Youth Union, the Vietnam Youth Union, representatives of the Board of Directors of the Northern Mountain Hospital and Quang Nam General Hospital.
These are gifts from the Covid-19 Joint Program on Prevention of Epidemic - For a Healthy Vietnam of the Vietnam Youth Physicians Association. The program will continue to be implemented throughout the country from now till Vietnam announces the end of the epidemic. Millions of protective sets, N95 masks and other important medical items are expected to be donated through the Young Physicians Association, supporting doctors, nurses and soldiers on the front line to fight against Covid-19 in Vietnam.
In addition to support from the Program "The Green Clothes action", donat 12,500 masks, 2,000 anti-drop protective goggles, 220 liters of disinfectant hand sanitizer, and a large number of gloves, the Provincial Youth Union spent 1 day's salary to support the epidemic prevention and control activities launched by the Fatherland Front Committee Vietnam National Province.

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