Quang Nam leads up in constructing national-standard schools

Reported by the Department of Education and Training said that the constructionof national standard schools is always focused and paid attention. Until now, Quang Nam has had 541 schools reaching national standards, reaching the rate of over 65.25%; which brings Quang Nam to the highest ranking in the Coastal Central.

In the 2020 plan, continue to alloccate capital to construct the high schools of Vo Chi Cong, Tran Quy Cam, Ho Nghinh, Ly Tu Trong. The work of orienting for high-school student. At the Russian Study Aboard Olympic, Quang Nam had 23 students winning out of 44 students in the Central Highland Region. Development of mountainous education is paid constant attention and achieved positive results. 

In addition, developing the project of reorganizing public vocational training institutions in the province was formulated in accordance with Resolution No. 19-NQ / TW dated October 25, 2017 of the Central Executive Committee. n the first 6 months of 2020, the total enrollment of vocational education of the whole province is 7,112 people; in which: the total number of students, pupils and apprentices at the vocational training institutions is 5,616 people; Regular training, training for less than 3 months, trained workers, fostering and training under industrial, agricultural and fishery extension programs, at enterprises, production and business establishments, trade villages is 1,453 people. Particularly, the number of trained workers under the Rural Workers Vocational Training Scheme 820 people and labor support mechanisms for key programs, projects and enterprises in the province in the period of 2016-2020 is more than 370 people.

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