Quang Nam drastically implement effectively digital transformation

On June 18th, Mr. Ho Quang Buu - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee chaired a 3-level online conference with departments, branches and localities on digital transformation.

According to the report, by June 17, 2021, there were 12 units issued Digital Transformation Plan, including: Dien Ban town, Thang Binh district, Tam Ky city People's Committee, Bac Tra district People's Committee My, Department of Education and Training, Department of Health, Office of Provincial People's Committee, Department of Transport and Communications, Department of Planning and Investment, Provincial Inspector, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

12 units have established the Steering Committee, working group for digital transformation: ): Dien Ban town, Tam Ky city, Hoi An city, districts: Dong Giang, Phuoc Son, Tay Giang, Nam Giang, Tien Phuoc, Hiep Duc; Departments: Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Department of Health.

Up to now, 12/15 communes have implement digital transformation and established a committee to check the current state of telecommunications - information technology infrastructure in the area. 6 communes issued a plan for commune-level digital transformation; 9 communes are developing the Plan.

In the process of building Smart Quang Nam and Egov Quang Nam apps, the Department of Information and Communications has received comments from 15 units including: Thang Binh district, Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Ethnic Minority Affairs, Department of Ethnic Minority Affairs. VH-TT&DL, Provincial Tax Department, Provincial Customs Department, Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Health, Provincial Inspectorate, Department of Transport, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Justice.

At the conference, representatives of departments, People's Committees of districts, towns, cities and enterprises have reported the results of digital transformation implementation at their units; at the same time, making recommendations for the Provincial People's Committee to consider and implement effectively in the coming time.

At the closing of conference, Vice Chairman Ho Quang Buu asked the departments, agencies, sectors, localities and businesses to focus on the fight and be more drastic in order to effectively implement digital transformation. In which, it is necessary to strongly propagate for Quang Nam people inside and outside the province to install the "Smart Quang Nam" application; In particular, localities have increased the number of communes connected to video conferencing systems;

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