Strengthening the fire prevention and fighting

To ensure fire safety, the Ministry of Public Security recommends individuals and households: Do not arrange flammable goods and items near fire or heat sources; be careful when cooking charging electrical and electronic devices; disconnect electrical equipment when not in use;...

When renovating and installing new electrical systems, we must choose conductors with cross-sections suitable to the load-bearing capacity of power-consuming electrical equipment. There must be an electrical device that automatically cuts off the circuit when short-circuiting or overloading.

To ensure fire safety in using gas, the Ministry of Public Security recommends individuals and households: Choose genuine and reputable stoves, gas cylinders and accessories; place the kitchen in a well-ventilated place, away from combustible materials; cooking must be supervised by someone; lock the gas cylinder valve before turning off the stove; regularly check the tightness of gas pipes and joints with gas cylinders and stoves; install gas leak warning device; do not use refillable mini gas cylinders; No illegal gas leveling.

When detecting a gas leak: Warn people around; isolating fire and heat sources; absolutely do not light up, turn on/off electrical equipment; valve lock, gas supply; open the doors for ventilation; Notify supplier for processing.

To ensure safety when there is a fire, the Ministry of Public Security recommends that each citizen should: Form a habit of observing and preparing escape routes to prevent fire and explosion. When a fire occurs, you must calmly find a way to handle it; notify everyone around and find the fastest way to escape the fire; Do not pay attention to hide under the bed, wardrobe, toilet ..., do not use the elevator to escape.

When moving to escape, it is necessary to lower the body; use wet towels and cloths to protect the respiratory organs if they have to go through fire and smoke; when the fire burns clothes, have to lie down, roll over, roll over until the fire goes out. Each household needs to reserve for themselves many exits, in case a fire occurs.

In order to ensure fire prevention, fighting and escape safety, the Ministry of Public Security recommends that each citizen: It is necessary to actively equip knowledge and skills on fire prevention, fighting and escape. Master the basic measures to prevent fire and explosion; skills in handling, fighting and escaping when a fire or explosion occurs; improve their responsibilities and obligations for fire prevention and fighting. To learn fire prevention, fighting and escape skills, people can visit the website: http/

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