Tien Phuoc District

Tien Phuoc District

Total Area: 454.41 km2

Total Population: 69,800

Population Density: 154/km2

Tien Phuoc is a half-mountain district in the western part of Quang Nam Province, locating 25 km west of Tam Ky City. It borders Phu Ninh District in the east, Thang Binh District in the north, Hiep Duc Distric in the west, and Bac Tra My District in the south. The district’s main income comes from agriculture and forestry. Tien Phuoc District has been well known for its high-quality pepper exported to foreign markets since the 17th century.

The district is also famous for its talented patriots like Phan Chau Trinh, Huynh Thuc Khang. Local residents’ ingenuity and innate aesthetic sensibilities built the old village of Loc Yen, which represents a harmonious combination between the landscape, weather, the buildings, and the lifestyle of people. The villagers are very excited to welcome tourists to their place.

(Fruit Loong boong)
(Memorial house Huynh Thuc Khang)

Read more: http://tienphuoc.quangnam.gov.vn



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