Bac Tra My District

Bac Tra My District

Total Area: 825.44 km2

Total Population: 38,400

Population Density: 47/km2

Bac Tra My is the northern part of the ex-district of Tra My, which was divided into two districts in 2003. Located 50 km southwest of Tam Ky City, it borders the districts of Tien Phuoc and Hiep Duc in the north, Nam Tra My in the south, Phuoc Son in the west, and Quang Ngai Province in the east. Different ethnic groups inhabit this mountainous district; over 51% of its population is Kinh people. The district has great potentials for hydroelectricity, minerals, and precious timbers. Like its twin, Bac Tra My District depends on forestry and agriculture for its income; cinnamon and Ngoc Linh Ginseng are two local specialties.

( Tra Bui, Bac Tra My)

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