Nam Giang District

Nam Giang District

Total Area: 1,842.89 km2

Total Population: 23,200

Population Density: 13/km2

Nam Giang is a remote mountainous region in Quang Nam near the Laotian border. It is 70km to the southwest of Da Nang City, 120km to the northwest of Tam Ky City, and 70km to the east of Dac Oc Border between Vietnam and Laos. Nam Giang District has rich cultural and natural potentials for tourism, such as Thanh River Natural Reserve, Grang Waterfall, Legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, Zara Brocade Weaving Village, etc. The district has a system of hydroelectric stations arranged like a ladder; this presents both power generation and tourist values. Nam Giang Border Gate Economic Zone was set up in 2009 on the area of 31,060 hectares.  In general, Nam Giang is a poor area with 80 percent of minority tribes; Co Tu and Gie Trieng have more people than the other four ethnic groups living in the district.  

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