Nong Son District

Nong Son District

(Hon Kem Da Dung)

Total Area: 457.92 km2

Total Population: 31,800

Population Density: 70/km2

Nong Son is a young district that was separated from Que Son District in 2008. It borders the districts of Duy Xuyen and Dai Loc in the north, Hiep Duc and Phuoc Son in the south, Que Son in the east, and Nam Giang in the west. Nong Son is among the poorest districts of Quang Nam Province with a poor infrastructure system. Agriculture and forestry have key roles in the district’s economy.  Cattle raising and rubber tree farming are its fundamental businesses based on the district’s favourable natural conditions. Besides, Nong Son District has been gradually linked itself to the tourist map of Quang Nam as an interesting ecological tourist attraction with Dai Binh fruit village, Tay Vien hot spring, and some other sites.    

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