Building digital courts

On July 14th, The People’s Supreme Tribunal held an online conference "Digital transformation to build Digital Court for judicial reform's requirement".

Speaking at the opening speech, Deputy Chief Justice of the People’s Supreme Tribunal emphasized the necessary of digital transformation in legal proceedings to form a new procedural method.

“In order to accomplish the goal of building an e-Court, with the State budget and Gov's attention, the Court system has continuously improved and enhanced the information technology infrastructure, which initially helped the Court's activities to be more professional and transparent" - said Deputy Chief Justice of the People’s Supreme Tribunal.

Accordingly, the E-Court includes the following main parts: the Electronic Procedural System; Support system for Judges (Virtual Assistant); Electronic communication channels; Executive management system; Information technology infrastructure subsystem and other attached components.

With the digital procedure system, all all procedural activities are carried out entirely in the electronic environment. People can easily look up and track the progress anytime - anywhere - any means.

The Virtual Assistant of Judges is a private secretary help Judges monitor and manage their work; give warnings, notices, reminders; search and look up legal documents and case law; automatically analyze legal status, legal acts to find out cases that have been tried with similar legal status, legal acts and legal documents...

The communication channels includes The portal of the Supreme People's Court and the websites of the local courts and the National Public Service Portal.

The management and administration system has functions such as: project management; automatic judgment assignment; manage incoming and outgoing documents, work records; management of human resources, finance, accounting and public property; digitization and management of digital records; analysis and statistical reports; notification;...

The information technology infrastructure module is an important module to ensure the sustainable and seamless operation of the E-Court.

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