PM urges localities to persistently pursue dual goals

Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính last week asked localities to persistently and resolutely implement the dual goals of preventing the COVID-19 pandemic and promoting socio-economic development.


The Government leader made the request while chairing the Cabinet’s teleconference with localities nationwide to assess the country’s socio-economic situation in the first half of the year as well as set directions, tasks and solutions for the second half.

“Localities must not exchange justice, social progress, culture and the environment for mere economic growth; and put the protection of people's health and lives first and foremost,” he stressed.

Those hit by the pandemic must give priority to pandemic prevention and control to stabilise the situation, while continuing to effectively implement the vaccine strategy, he said.

Regarding the socio-economic development results in the first six months, Prime Minister Chính affirmed that Việt Nam had been implementing the dual goals well, with gross domestic product (GDP) increasing by 5.64 per cent, much higher than the same period in 2020 (1.82 per cent), and budget revenue reaching nearly 58 per cent of the estimate.

Meanwhile, social security and order were ensured, and external relations were enhanced, he added.

However, according to the PM, there were still some limitations such as economic growth yet to reach the set target, unsustainable macro economy, and slow disbursement of public investment and ODA capital.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still impacting several localities, while production and business activities and people's lives in some places are facing difficulties.

Therefore, localities should make greater efforts to fulfil their set targets, the leader said, adding that the Government had yet to adjust the growth targets set at the 13th National Party Congress and assigned by the National Assembly and would continue with two scenarios of 6 per cent and 6.5 per cent.

Tasks to be implemented

The Prime Minister emphasised tasks that localities must focus on going forward.

First of all, in places where outbreaks are discovered, leaders must give priority to fighting the pandemic with early detection, quick isolation, zoning, actively curbing the virus, and quickly stabilising the situation. Effective implementation of the vaccine strategy must be conducted.

Secondly, secretariat and chairpeople of the People's Committees of the localities must immediately focus on reviewing the difficulties and obstacles in terms of institutions, mechanisms and policies in anti-pandemic activities. The Prime Minister warned agencies and units who are tardy in performing this task and said he would continue to criticise and strictly handle them according to anti-pandemic regulations.

Thirdly, provinces and cities must promote administrative reform, create the most convenient conditions and opportunities for people to access policies and solve problems. "During this difficult time, if we don't address those problems for people and businesses now, when will we?", the Prime Minister said.

Fourth, localities must be very dynamic and creative, trying not to disrupt domestic and global supply chains, and not to disrupt the labour market.

Fifth, the PM asked for boosting disbursement of public investment in accordance with the Government's Resolution, saying local leaders must inspect, clearly identify and remove difficulties and obstacles, overcome limitations, inadequacies, and strive to achieve the highest disbursement rate.

Sixth, localities should promote digital transformation, build a digital economy and digital society when the current context is an opportunity to do this.

Seventh, the PM mentioned the efforts to expand export markets, saying that some provinces had done very well in this work. He also said localities needed to promote the spirit of self-reliance, consultation and learning from each other to do better.

Eighth, localities must find solutions to increase revenue and reduce expenditure to focus on development investment and key, priority and urgent tasks.

Ninth, they must step up the fight against corruption and bureaucracy.

Tenth, he asked localities leaders to maintain political stability, social order and safety so that the people can feel secure and all levels of government can fulfil the dual goal.

Eleven, the authorities at all levels must pay more attention to the work of information and mobilisation of the people, to prevent a media crisis, and to actively fight against distorted and hostile claims and false and untrue information. 

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