Quang Nam: New visions, great aspirations

Quang Nam is always facilitating businesses to improve the provincial innovative start-up movement, which is stated by Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee Le Tri Thanh.

The start-up movement in Quang Nam has recently developed dramatically and been highly appreciated. Quang Nam is currently going into a new phase with new visions and great aspirations.

Quang Nam will focus on its comprehensive development, especially in tourism, agriculture, mechanics, and information technology.

Provincial OCOP products will be supported and improved in their quality and design so that they can achieve 4 or 5- star ratings, and can be exported.

In the time to come, OCOP products that create the fame for Quang Nam will be ones made from medicinal herbs, organic products, and community tourism villages.

Quang Nam will also help start-ups to display their products at supermarkets nationwide and at the provincial online supermarket.

Quang Nam is considered to have great potential for agricultural tourism, so provincial leaders are being planned to support the start-ups in agricultural, ecological and cultural tourism, especially in ethnic communities.

At the same time, Quang Nam will help to connect start-ups and small-sized enterprises with larger ones, supporting them to sell their products.

Moreover, Quang Nam will attach special importance to the improvement of the provincial investment climate in order to attract more investors in Quang Nam and create favourable conditions for the growth of the provincial innovative start-up movement.


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