Management Board of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone

A Management Board of Chu Lai Economic Zone

Management Board of Chu Lai Economic Zone

I. Organization chart



Full name




Le Vu Thuong                             Head                                 0913 497 788        
Thieu Viet DungDeputy Head0913 488


Full name




Huynh Minh Thao                     Chief of Office.                       0983.043.123        
Nguyễn Thị NgạnClerical
Lê Thị Hồng HàClerical


Phone: 0235 3 812 842

Fax: 0235 3 812 842

II. General Information

The Management Board of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Quang Nam province  (hereinafter referred to as the Management Board), under the managment of Quang Nam People's Committee in order to perform the function of direct state management of the Open Economic Zone; manage, organize and provide public administrative services and other supporting services related to investment and production and business activities for investors in Chu Lai open economic zone; support PPC on arrangement for coastal residential; manage construction and investment for project within the area and other tasks assigned or authorized by competent agencies.

The Management Board has legal status, has a seal bearing the national emblem, has a payroll; funding for state administrative management, non-business activities and development investment capital shall be allocated by the state budget according to the annual plan.

III. Duties and authority

The Management Board directs and organizes the implementation of the following tasks and authorities:

- Comply with the provisions of Article 37, Article 38, Chapter V of Decree 29/2008/ND-CP dated March 14, 2008 of the Government on regulations on industrial parks, export processing zones and economic zones;

- Comply with the provisions of Article 81 of Decree No. 108/2006/ND-CP dated September 22, 2006 of the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the Investment Law;

- Implement the overall project of population arrangement, prevention and mitigation of natural disaster damage in coastal areas of Quang Nam province, according to the decision of the competent authority;

- Assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with relevant agencies and units in performing tasks in the fields of population arrangement, disaster prevention and mitigation, and social security policies in the project area;

- Implement tasks from the ministries, central branches and Quang Nam People's Committee

IV.Organizational structure

1. Head of the Board

The Management Board has a Head and Deputy Heads.

a) Head of the Board: Taking responsibility with PPC, all activities of the Management Board under the law as well as relevant ministries and branches when authorized.

b) Deputy Heads of the Committee

- Being the person helping the Head of the Committee, in charge of one or several tasks, taking responsibility with the Head and the law for assigned tasks;

- To be on be half of the Head when he's absent.

The appoitment, commendation, resignation, retirement and implementation of regimes and policies towards the Head and Deputy Head of the Committee in accordance with the law and according to the management decentralization officers of the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee.

2. The Professional departments under the the Management Board

- Board Office.

- Financial Planning Division.

- Investment Promotion Department.

- Planning and Construction Management Department.

- Resources and Environmental office.

- Office of Compensation and Clearance

The establishment and regulation of functions, tasks,authority for these above offices will be decided by Head of the Management Board.

Depending on the requirements and tasks, the Head of Management Board shall develop a plan for the establishment, merger, consolidation, division, dissolution, and renaming of specialized and professional departments and non-business units and submit them to be approved by the competent authority. '

The appointment and dismissal of the Head, Deputy Head and equivalent positions under the Management Board shall be decided by the Head of the Management Board in accordance with current regulations.

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