3 groups of business to be supported for electricity bills

Resolution No. 97/NQ-CP dated August 28, 2021 of the Government on the plan on support for electricity customers through reduction (the fifth time) in electricity bills and electricity prices.

Specifically, beneficiaries of this Resolution must meet the following conditions:

- Electricity users: are factories or production facilities located in provinces being under social distancing and still in production in fields such as: processing and preserving seafood and aquatic products; processing and preserving vegetables; producing export goods with export turnover of more than 1 billion USD in 2020.

- Buy electricity directly from the Electricity Corporation/Electricity Company under the Vietnam Electricity Group or other electricity retailers.

Support for electricity price reduction: 10% discount on electricity bills (before VAT) on electricity bills for the above customers.

The time of supporting will be 3 month from September.

According to EVN's estimates, in the 5th phase, the amount of support to reduce electricity prices for electricity users is about 650 billion VND (excluding VAT).

List of factories and production facilities eligible for electricity bill reduction will be listed by the People's Committees of the provinces on the basis of business registration and actual production of enterprises in the area.

The Government assigns the Ministry of Industry and Trade to coordinate with the Ministry of Finance and relevant agencies in implementing under legal regulations, ensuring strict compliance with the right subjects.  

Subjects eligible for electricity price reduction and other reductions in electricity bills shall continue to comply with the provisions of Resolution No. 55/NQ-CP dated June 2, 2021 and Resolution 83/NQ-CP dated July 31, 2021 of the Government.


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