Quang Nam & Osan (Korea) continue to promote cooperation

On September 17th, PPC had an online meeting with Osan city (Korea). Chairman Le Tri Thanh and leaders of relevant departments attended the meeting. Mr Kwak Sang Wook chaired the meeting in Korea.

This meeting is an opportunity for both sides for official greeting and informing on the socio-economic development. The two sides discussed cooperation plans and activities in the coming time, focusing on people-to-people exchanges, sports, culture, and the economy.

Osan city, Gyeonggi province is the first locality of Korea that established friendly cooperative relations with Quang Nam province on March 10, 2004.

From 2015 to 2019, Osan city annually sends a delegation of the Home Repair Center to carry out the program of painting and repairing houses and exchanging people with localities in the province. In the past 5 years, the Mission has implemented the above programs in the following localities: Tam Ngoc, Tam Thang, An Phu (Tam Ky city), Tam Dai commune (Phu Ninh district), Tien Tho (Tien Phuoc district).

In 2020, the city of Osan sent a document to send a group of volunteers to carry out the volunteer program in Quang Nam province, but due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, the program was postponed.

Due to the impact of the worldwide outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, from 2020, the activities of visiting relatives and exchanging experiences between localities will be temporarily interrupted.

In order to maintain the friendly cooperation relationship, Osan city has developed a video clip "We miss all you" to send a message of encouragement, visit, and sharing.

On the occasion of the 33rd Anniversary of Osan City Citizens' Day, Mr. Le Tri Thanh - Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee conveyed his congratulations to Mr. Mayor Kwak Sang Wook, officials, employees, and people of the whole city via video.

The cooperation relationship between Korea and Vietnam has been promoted in many fields from the economy, trade investment, education, tourism, people-to-people exchange,... In Quang Nam, investment from foreign companies Korean partners are highly appreciated, with a large number of projects and production value. The Korean government has been sponsoring ODA sources to develop the fields of health, education, community development. In the future, Korea will still be an important partner of Quang Nam province, in which, Osan city is a friend and a reliable partner. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on maintaining and sustainably developing a good cooperative relationship between Quang Nam province and Osan city.


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