Provincial Inspectorate

A specialized agencies of the People's Committee

I. Organization chart

Leaders and Office

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Trần Minh TháiChief Inspector0914 088
Nguyễn ĐỏDeputy Chief Inspector0985 355 837 
Nguyễn Đức TiếnChief Officer0913 445 867  

Office Contact: 

Phone: 0235 3 859 155

Fax: 0235 3 858 610 

II. General Information

1. Function

Provincial Inspectorate is a specialized agency of the Provincial People's Committee, advising and assisting the Provincial People's Committee in performing the function of State management of inspection work and performing tasks and powers to inspect the implementation of policies, tasks of agencies, organizations and individuals within the scope of state management of the Provincial People's Committee.

2. Mission

- To perform the tasks and powers specified in Article 18 of the Law on Inspection;

- Guide, inspect and urge the development and implementation of programs and plans of district inspectors, department inspectors;

- Propose to competent state agencies to suspend the implementation or cancel illegal regulations discovered through inspection;

- Monitor, examine and urge the implementation of the provincial Inspector's conclusions, recommendations, and handling decisions on inspection;

- To join the People's Committees of districts, departments, and concerned agencies and organizations on organizational structure, staffing, regimes, and policies for district inspectorates and departmental inspectors;

- Provide guidance on administrative inspection for district and departmental inspectors; Organize inspection training for inspectors of the districts and departmental inspectors.

- Summarizee lessons learned, building inspection expertise within the scope of state management of the Provincial Inspectorate.

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