Seminar to boost sustainable Vietnam-Africa farming cooperation

In the context that the world is being heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to improve adaptability and overcome difficulties, jointly seek a more dynamic, effective and creative cooperation model in the future in the field of agriculture between Vietnam and Africa, on the afternoon of September 9, a large number of delegates from many bridgeheads in Vietnam and around the world attended the webinar “Agricultural cooperation between Vietnam and Africa: Increasingly strengthen connectivity, sustainable development together”.

In Quang Nam, Vice Chairman Ho Quang Buu and other leaders of departments attended the seminar.

At the conference, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son said the agricultural sector has become a prominent field in Vietnam-Africa cooperation with dozens of projects implemented within the bilateral and multi-sided framework and actively contributed to the food security of many African countries. Vietnam and some African countries have also become each other’s leading trading partners in farm produce, typically rice, cashew, and coffee.

The trade turnover of agricultural products has also continuously increased. In 2020, the export turnover of agro-forestry and fishery products to Africa reached nearly 950 million USD, accounting for more than 30% of the total export turnover of Vietnam to Africa, with the main products being rice, coffee, and seafood.

It's forecasted that by 2050, Africa's population will double and Africa's real production will increase by 60%, but supply will still be lower than demand. Therefore, Africa is and will have a great demand for imported agricultural products and inputs (fertilizers, seeds, mechanical equipment...), production, and processing technology in agriculture.

Abu Bakarr Karim, Minister of Agriculture & Forestry of Sierra Leone, said his country’s agricultural sector will follow the successful development path of its Vietnamese counterpart.

Participants reviewed opportunities and challenges facing farming cooperation between Vietnam and Africa and discussed measures to bolster and expand the trade of the sides’ key farm produce.

Major orientations for joint agricultural production collaboration and financial solutions in aid of the ties were also tabled for discussion./.


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